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The Family Education Center at Four Rivers

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Donor Recognition

The need for this facility grew through strategic planning with the Four Rivers Community School Board of Directors and our non-profit partners. It was determined that Four Rivers Community School could do more to serve the community and fulfill its mission of whole family education.

We began sharing our vision with foundations and after demonstrating community need and support, The Ford Family Foundation and The Collins Foundation awarded grant money toward construction costs. As we continued to share our vision, you shared your resources. From families to businesses, the community came together. Over the summer of 2014 we received additional funding from the Meyer Memorial Trust and the Oregon Community Foundation to complete the furnishing of this great facility. We are truly grateful.

As an organization we have been good stewards of our resources and saved a significant amount of the finances needed for this project. We appreciate the work and trust of our friends at US Bank to bridge the gap and will continue to fundraise until this community facility is debt-free.

Since gaining occupancy in the fall, we have continued to work on the facility to make it a true community space for many. This facility has hosted: Ballet, Kendo, Ontario Rec Dept., Treasure Valley Community College, Eastern Oregon University, Giggles and Grace, Building Healthy Communities, Rural Development Initiatives, Oregon Food Bank, Girl Scouts, and College Prep classes. The facility is often in use from 7:30 am-8:00 pm, 6 days a week with daily inquiries for additional community use.

The generous gifts we have received are respresented on our donor wall.

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