School Uniforms


Four Rivers Community School Uniform Policy

All students that attend Four Rivers Community School (FRCS) must wear the school’s uniform.  School uniform items that must be purchased from the FRCS/ECCR school uniform store are:  BOYS:  pants, short, shirts, and ties. School uniform items that must be purchased from the school’s uniform store for GIRLS are:  pants, skorts, skirts, shirts, shorts, jumpers (only with tights or shorts), capris, and ties. 

School uniforms will be purchased by the parents of FRCS.  If a parent is unable to purchase school uniforms for any reason, FRCS will set up a payment plan with the parent.  The uniforms are typically ordered in July and must be paid in full by November.  If a parent has or has had a delinquent account with the school, their child’s school uniforms must be paid in full prior to the order.  If a check written by a parent is returned from the bank for non-sufficient funds or account closure, a $25.00 charge along with the amount of the check will need to be paid in cash.

Students must wear the school uniform everyday while school is in session.  If a student does not wear the school uniform, a letter of noncompliance from the school will be sent home along with an additional copy of the school uniform policy.

Students wishing to wear school logo T-Shirts may do so on Fridays.  Friday is our school pride and assembly day. 

During the cold weather season students have the freedom to wear sweaters, sweatshirts, etc. that match the school’s uniform colors, but do not need to be purchased from the French Toast uniform company; however clothing may not have any logos or designs on them.  The school’s uniform colors are as follows:  navy blue, light blue, red, and white.  Accessories such as socks, tights, jackets, and hair ties are the decision of the parent.  FRCS requires that all students wear closed toe shoes at all times.

Please see the following chart that outlines the color of shirt with the corresponding day.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
White (K-5)
White (6-8)
Red (K-5)
Black (6-8)
Royal Blue (K-5)
Royal Blue (6-8)
Dark Blue (K-5)
Green (6-8)
 logo T-shirt

The administration has the authority to change individual items as needed due to fitting issues, discontinued items, new items, or any other concerns.